The reservation deposit amount to $350. Your final payment is due when you are ready to bring the kitten home. Mainecoon  Kittens reserves the right to release your spot on the reservation list if payment is not received on time and all payment must be received before delivery. Submit the contact form and let us know which of our kitten you are interested in. After visiting our available kittens page, we will contact you via email or phone to ask any further questions and/or to let you know your application has been approved. To help ensure that we place our cats in loving, responsible, committed homes, we have a screening process before you can adopt a pet from us. We reserve the right to turn down potential adopters as we deem necessary. Our application process is designed to match each of our cats with the most compatible family. We interview potential adopters and ask many questions about your home, family, current pets and day-to-day activities. Please be assured that we only ask these questions because we’ve found that they are the best way to ensure that our adoptions are successful. Falling in love with a pet is easy, however, adopting a pet is a big decision. Your new pet will require lots of time and money, and is a commitment for the next 10-20 years. Before adopting a cat, please think it over carefully, ask questions, and discuss it with all family members.


Shipping is available and cost between $150-$500 within the Continental U.S. and Canada, We are happy to make all the flight arrangement and will ensure your kitten has everything necessary to make the flight. Arrangements can also be made to meet you at the airport or home delivery. Note: Shipping is not included in the kitten’s price.