Rachel fetty, Texas

Tuna was a blessing to our family this year. You made our dream come true, To God we never believed you were going to ship the baby to us, Because we had fallen into the hands of a scam many times , So my husband said, well this should be the last time that we are sending money for a kitten . And thank GOD we did and you kept to your words, God will bless you and your family, i can’t stop thanking you, We are so excited. Wishing you the best. if i have someone who is interested in buying a maine coon kitten , your website will be the first to visit 

Dana McCarthy, New York 

Just wanted to let you know we are so incredibly in love with Angel!!! She is such a good girl and smart as all get out. She is loving life on the farm, and already trying out her herding skills on the cows, horses, chickens and cats. We never have her on a leash; she listens well and plays outside all day with us while we work. People give good comments all the time whenever I take her out for a walk.Oh my God, I am really glad. Regards Dana,

Betty and Charles, Nevada

Just wish to let you guys know how much we love our Baby Bonna. He’s so so so sweet and gorgeous. My parents just adore him!! He’s very tiny just like you predicted. Already 4 months old . We’re so thrilled with him and we thank you so very much for bringing him to us. We’ll send you some pics of him when we go for vaccination by the weekend. 

Best Regards.

Jean Werner, California

Hi Mainecoon Cattery, 
Want to thank you for this wonderful kitten . She is a LOVELY Kitten. She herds our children, especially when they are on the swings! She loves to be cuddled and very much enjoys her exercise exactly as you told me! She is very easy to train. Maisy also seems to be pretty low-key and able to amuse herself when life gets busy. She was the star of kitten class and we are told on a regular basis that she is beautiful. We think so too! lol ! I will take some recent pictures to send your email as I promised. Maisy is quite small but that is nice since she sleeps on our bed at night! So thank you for our wonderful companion.

Lindsay Peichl, Kansas

Mainecoon Cattery Paws
I can’t tell you how happy. Barbie and Carrie are great kittens . They are fabulous and we love them very much. We started training kittens this week and they are proving to be a very smart girl and boy. They certainly have their own personality, but they are real members of the family and love to sit with us in the evenings watching TV. They are learning to run beside Andy and I and have had a few introductions to the cat park around the corner. They have certainly grown a little since leaving you. I enjoy them very much. 

Mary and Josh, New Jersey

Hi Mainecoon Cattery Paws ,
Hope this email finds you and your family well. Lillie is doing great. She is all potty trained and will sit by the back door when she needs to go out. She bites on everything especially people LOL we are working on that. She is so happy and loves following us around the house. She LOVES bath time and all her toys and bones. She had her surgery today and she was spayed. She is doing well so far. She has eaten and drank tonight and potted so she should be back to normal running and playing by tomorrow. I have attached a couple pictures.
Thanks again,

Am So Happy That I Found You And Want To Thank You So Much For My Amazing Little Nina! After Searching And Searching, I Knew When I Met You And Your Kittens, There Was Something Magical Happening And i was Right!!! She Is So Amazing And Adjusted Immediately When I Got Her Home.Thank You God Bless,

– Joyce Gould

Hey there, Chris is a great little kitten!!! We love him dearly, he is just a wonderful joy and happiness to us. He is so smart loves to play fetch. And yes he slept in our bed last night with my kids, we re probably not going to spoil her. More later. Thanks again for the adorable kitten!

– Sharon Roddy