We do ship your kitten to the closest airport in your location after which the kitten is then delivered to your home address if it’s convenient for you, so you do not need to leave your home to go and pick up the kitten from the airport. This process is professionally handled by the shipping agent who is in charge of shipping and delivering your kitten in perfect health condition. We usually chose air transport for distance deliveries because it is the fastest and it is less stressful for the kitten. We do issue you the flight schedule of the kitten as well as the tracking details after we ship them so that you should know the time they arrive in your city. So we advise you to be at home an hour or two after the kitten lands in your city because the delivery van will definitely be bringing the kitten to your home address.

Once the kitten is brought to your home address, we expect you to examine the kitten physically to make sure he has not been injured or maltreated in any way. Please make sure to give us a call/text once you get your kitten and also don’t forget to comment on our website. Air shipping charges vary depending on location. You also have the option of having your kitten delivered by van right to your doorstep using a Pet Transport service that delivers to all destinations in the country. Cost for this service varies for distance and location. This is the most convenient way to have your kitten delivered to you when you are located not too far from us as the transport agency has well trained professionals who take good care of the kitten during delivery. You are always welcome to drive to our home and pick-up your new kitten after making the reservation deposit. We actually prefer when you can personally pick-up your kitten whether you travel by car or airlines. But we also understand that this is not always possible. If you wish to fly to pick-up your kitten, we can meet you at the ticket counter with your new kitten after making the reservation deposit. We can also pick you up at the airport and bring you to our home to pick-up your kitten. Those of you with frequent flyer miles this might be the least expensive way to pick-up your kitten. The airlines will charge a small extra fee for this service.